Hydromassage bathtub with Ghost technology

Simple, linear and elegant, Treesse hydromassage bathtubs will conquer you with their minimalist design that takes advantage of Ghost technology, the invisible hydromassage signed by Marc Sadler.

Thanks to this particular system, the hydromassage jets remain hidden to avoid unsightly punctures so to highlight the design. The result? Functional and aesthetic bathtubs with concealed waterjets, characterized by an internal perimeter slot that houses the technical components: a quantity of adequately oriented jets, the siphon overflow and multicoloured LED lighting.

These hydromassage bathtubs with invisible jets enjoy another surplus of Treesse bathtubs: chromotherapy. An enveloping and uniform light "magically" moves the water for a unique and complete beneficial effect.

Finally, the emission of air enhances the effects of the hydromassage.

Treesse hydromassage bathtubs

Treesse bathtubs with hidden hydromassage offer a wide choice of shapes, sizes and methods of installation:

  • Round Dream 160 and Fusion 200 (with infinity edge);
  • Elliptical Dream 190 and Fusion 231 (with infinity edge);
  • Square Dream 200 and Fusion 230 (with infinity edge);
  • Rectangular Dream 170-180-181-199 and Fusion 220 (with infinity edge).

All Treesse bathtubs with hidden hydromassage are equipped with level sensor and disinfection system. A water temperature stabilizer, electronic tapware and chromotherapy are available as optional.

Small differences between the two types of bathtubs:

  • Dream models can be equipped with bluetooth and a remote control to control the functions;
  • Fusion models are equipped with an automatic system that manages the water level;
  • Dream bathtubs can be equipped with a headrest, while Fusion cannot.

Hydromassage bathtubs' accessories

Treesse hydromassage bathtubs take advantage of two remarkable accessories: the automatic lifter, perfectly integrated into the tub and usable with the aid of an air compressor that makes maintenance accessible to all, and the Big Bang, the LED light sound diffuser that will immerse you in a unique atmosphere between sounds and colours.