Treesse standard spas perfectly adapt to any type of environment, whether external or internal, adding a touch of class thanks to an attractive and contemporary design. A small oasis of well-being where you can relax at the end of the day: they are the right "place" where one can indulge in total relaxation and, at the same time enjoy, either alone or in company, the hydromassaage benefits.

An important plus of Treesse standard spas is the balanced chromotherapy, guaranteed through the multicolored LED lighting. Its light "magically" moves the water for an enveloping and unique beneficial effect.

In addition to chromotherapy, some hydromassage spas also use the effects of aromatherapy: essential oils used to restore well-being to the entire body on a physical, emotional and mental level. Taking advantage of the sense of smell, body and mind enter in a state of absolute comfort.

Treesse hydromassage spas

Treesse offers a wide choice of outdoor or indoor spas with hydromassage in terms of size and style:

  • Minorca with three seats;
  • Naxos, Paros and Mykonos with five seats;
  • Rodas with six seats;
  • Ibizia with seven seats;
  • Malè with five seats.

All Treesse standard spas include an anti-freeze system, ozonator, side panels and thermal cover. Differently, depending on the model, the whirlpool jets (from 25 to 72), the power of the heating system (from 2kW to 3kW, the air regulators (from 1 to 5) and the three-way valves (from 1 to 2) can vary, assuring different but always fulfilling performances.