The perfect place where to experience a regenerating, calming and anti-fatigue ritual. The sauna offers multiple benefits capable of "purifying" the body and freeing the mind from the day's strains.

The history of sauna and its benefits

Born in Finland and used since ancient times, the sauna is a wooden cabin inside which there is a seat and a stove with lava stones that allow you to reach very high temperatures such as almost 100 degrees. The primary purpose is to warm the body after exposure to low temperatures, and at the same time provide various benefits.

Hot air boosts circulation, purifies the skin, eliminates toxins, invigorates and reduces stress. Ideal for those who want to switch off, rest and regenerate: a cure-all for mind and body.

Treesse sauna

On the corner, free-standing or niche, Aura is Treesse proposal for those who want a sauna at home or for Spas and accommodation facilities that wish to offer their customers a relaxing space, ensuring a product with a linear and clean design. Treesse sauna can be adapted to any type of environment, enhancing it with its own elegance and lightness. A touch of class for a wellness area in which to stop, rest and recharge while taking a break from everyday life or to tone the body after an intensive workout.

Inspired by traditional Finnish saunas, Aura is made with fir wood, a material that absorbs and retains heat for an exceptional heat output. Aura model is characterized by slits, inside which there is a controlled LED lighting that can increase or tone down the intensity as needed. High performance and aesthetics in this design project by Marc Sadler for Treesse.