Not only well-being, but also physical activity. If you do not have time to go to the swimming pool to train, Treesse swim spas are the perfect solution: a small space in which to relax and, at the same time, swim, all in your own home.

The swim spas are "divided" into two sections. The first one is totally dedicated to the hydromassage benefits, an area in which to comfortably indulge, alone or in company, forgetting the day's hardship or following training in the fitness part. In the second section, in fact, it is possible to engage in swimming: the pumps suck the water and force it back into the pool, simulating the currents' natural movement.

Effective and functional solutions that combine business with pleasure: swimming and wellness merge within a single confined space. This results in a great advantage: there is no need for large spaces to install a Treesse swim spa.

Hydromassage swim spas

A spa within a spa. Treesse proposes two outdoor and indoor spas:

  • Antibes, the smaller, with five sitting positions and 45 hydromassage jets;
  • Saint-Tropez, the largest, with up to nine seats and 76 hydromassage jets.

Both hydromassage spas comprise:

  • air regulators;
  • three-way valves;
  • heating system;
  • antifreeze system;
  • ozonator;
  • thermal cover;
  • side panels;
  • ladder to facilitates access to the spa.

Further benefit is obtained from chromotherapy through a coloured LED light placed on the waterline, and aromatherapy, thanks to the use of essential oils. A waterfall of coloured light tops it all off.

Technologically speaking, the swim spas also take advantage of music connection for smartphones, pop-up speakers with coloured light, predisposition for a wi-fi network and a coloured LED lamp placed on two external corner panels.