596 x 228 x 137 CM

  • Turbine per nuoto controcorrente
  • Sistema filtrante a cartuccia
  • Riscaldatore
  • Pannelli laterali
  • Copertura termica
  • Copertura Turbine
  • Punti Luce

Water is relaxation, a dream, savoring the moment. But it's also sports, energy, strength! With Aquarun, the new Treesse counter-current swimming pool, you can enjoy an engaging, dynamic swimming experience, suitable for both professional athletes and casual enthusiasts.

From a technical perspective, Aquarun is an innovative product with superior performance and more space and comfort compared to other counter-current swimming pools: a generous 235 centimeters in width.

Treesse's Aquarun is a highly efficient solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, without taking up the space of a traditional pool. With Aquarun, water movement is more powerful and easier to control, thanks to special turbines that power it, reproducing the water's current most effectively. The interior shape is designed to follow the flow, and a mirror placed at the bottom allows you to monitor movement for a more effective workout.

Aquarun's measurements are 510 x 235 x 142H cm, expanding the available space for comfort and positioning the rectangular Treesse mini-pool among the best solutions for experiencing swimming just as you desire, whether for pure energy or total relaxation. Dual steps guide entry and exit from the water, never forgetting the importance of safety and pool accessibility.

Aquarun: designed by Marc Sadler

Aquarun also bears Marc Sadler's signature. Its minimalist and captivating design, attention to detail, and a focus on highly efficient technical solutions are the result of a constant commitment to innovation.