Treesse projects

A spa on a ship's deck, a hydromassage bathtub in a hotel room, a sauna in your own bathroom. Treesse furnishings allow to customize different types of environments: from your home to a Spa, from resorts to luxury hotels and yachts. An added value for every space furnished with Treesse.

Hydromassage bathtubs, spas and saunas

Many concepts are possible with Treesse furnishings. Here are some examples.

Imagine a spa on the balcony of your home or on the terrace of a luxury resort with a panoramic view of the surrounding environment: city, sea or mountain, surely a dreamy atmosphere. Or a Spa hosting an hydromassage spa alongside a regenerating sauna, all combined with the soothing effect of a coloured, soft light.

Imagine also a bathtub installed on the bow of a yacht or in your own garden or in the outdoor area of a hotel, surrounded by deckchairs or hammocks where you can rest. And why not, inside an enclosed space entirely surrounded by windows through which filters natural light. Or even better, a hydromassage bathtub in your bedroom: what else can you wish for?