Indulge in relaxation and well-being infused with the epitome of glamorous Italian style: Treesse whirpool spas are the perfect addition to any home, hotel, spa center, and beyond.

Hydromassage spas

Embodying a minimalist design and a clean, distinctive design, our hydromassage mini pools seamlessly integrate into any environment. You will discover the ideal option for both above-ground and in-ground installations, suited for indoor or outdoor settings.

Collaboration with Renowned Designer Marc Sadler

Explore our extraordinary spas designed by Marc Sadler, an ultramodern, minimalist, and globally renowned designer. Marc Sadler has partnered with Treesse to innovate exceptional products, including the spas in the Ghost, Ghost Plus, and Pool lines, along with the Aquarun counter-swimming pool, and more. Through meticulous design work, we have brought forth innovative products, marrying unparalleled aesthetic appeal with cutting-edge technology.

This is how we carry the dream of a dolce vita, rendering it exclusive and contemporary across the globe.