Treesse hydromassage spas will conquer you with their clean design highlighted by Ghost technology, signed by Marc Sadler. With this particular system, all the hydromassage holes are hidden: nozzles and external jets will be just a distant memory.

Thanks to the innovative Ghost technology, the hydromassage in Treesse spas is invisible: a wide range of adequately oriented jets, the siphon overflow and multicolored LED lighting are housed in an internal perimeter slot that hides all the technical components, with the result of functional and aesthetic spas.;

Through the colour balance of chromotherapy, the well-being of the bathroom becomes enveloping and uniform. A blade of light "magically" moves the water for a unique and complete relaxation.


A large collection capable of satisfying different needs and styles. The indoor and outdoor spas, designed by Treesse, differ in terms of shapes and sizes:

  • Elliptical Fusion Spa 231 with a single seat;
  • the rectangular Fusion Active 230 and Fusion Spa 230, the round Fusion Spa 200 all with two seats;
  • The rectangular Zen, Zen Active, Rest, Wave and Maya with five or six sitting positions;
  • Rectangular shaped Muse with six or seven sitting positions.

Hydromassage spas' accessories

Four inevitable accessories to complete it all. Step-Box, a collection of steps with different shapes and sizes with a clean and elegant design to reach the spas. Spa Spack, the new unit for professional filtering whose design meets the approval of both Contract and private worlds. The Automatic Lifter, perfectly integrated into the bath and usable with the aid of an air compressor that makes maintenance accessible to everyone. Finally, Big Bang, the LED light sound diffuser that will immerse you in a unique atmosphere of sounds and colours.