Through the Special Line designed by Paolo Parea, Treesse takes also care of the elderly, the disabled or those who simply have mobility limitations. Thanks to a bathroom furniture that offers various facilities without, however, renouncing on aesthetics and functionality, guaranteeing well-being, comfort, relaxation and safety in a single solution.

The Special Line bathtubs with methacrylate doors facilitate access, avoiding its users from effecting "climbing over" movements and subsequent risk of slipping. The internal door latch can be used as leaning or standing up support. To further facilitate access, a 22.5 cm high rounded step will aid the foot's support.

To ensure maximum comfort, these hydromassage tubs for disabled have an ergonomic seat with recessed dorsal jets and an inclined seat surface to facilitate movements. A highly effective massaging and draining effect in the lumbar and foot-calf area render these bathtubs with seat the right combination between well-being and safety.

An innovative element within the product is the new rapid emptying system: once activated, the forced drainage of the tub can be reached in about 2 minutes. Said operation takes place automatically, without additional commands, in parallel to the activation of the normal gravity emptying system.

Small bathtub with door

The Special Line includes several models:

  • GEX-X (with side opening) and GEN-Y bathtubs;
  • GEN-X TOP and GEN-Y TOP bathtubs with seat and shower;

These bathtubs for disabled and elderly are equipped with:

  • airpool system;
  • level sensor;
  • disinfection system;
  • water temperature stabilizer;
  • tub edge tapware, chromotherapy;
  • spotlight and bluetooth.

It is also possible to equip the bathtubs / showers for disabled with other accessories:

  • waterproof curtain with rings;
  • multifunction hat;
  • equipped shower panel;
  • mixer with diverter;
  • shower head;
  • comfortable shelves.